In House Wine Making

North Vines helps you craft premium domestic and imported wine kits on premise. Making wine can be as much fun as it is easy. The staff at North Vines makes sure that everything you need is on hand and ready for you whenever you’re wanting to come in and make wine happen.

There are FOUR simple steps;

1. Choose a wine kit and pay for it
2. Sprinkle the yeast packet onto the ‘must’ (grape juice)
3. Bottle the wine 6-10 weeks later
4. Take your wine home and enjoy it!

Our experienced staff will prepare the grape juice for you when you come in to choose a wine and then ask you to sprinkle (or pitch) the yeast into the juice. This is the process that initiates the alcohol production. Our staff will tend to your fermenting wine until it is finished and ready to bottle.

When the wine is ready to bottle we will set up a station in our store for you to sanitize your bottles (or you may purchase a set of bottles from us) and prepare your wine for you to bottle. Once you’ve finished bottling your wine you might want to place the finishing touches onto your bottles as we have customized labels and heat wrap toppers for your wine bottles to make them look really professional!

Feel confident in bringing a bottle of North Vines made wine out to a friend’s get-together or to serve it over dinner as our wines are as tasty as they look.

Choosing a Wine

North Vines¬†is proud to carry a wide selection of kits from RJS Craft Winemaking. From entry level domestic blends to ultra-premium¬†internationally sourced kits, there is something to please every palate and every budget! Check out our list of available wine kits! If you’re not sure what you like, come down and talk wine with us – we’ve tried them all, and will point you in the right direction!

All of our wine kits will yield the same volume (28-30 bottles), but differ in quality & composition. Kits made from concentrate are less expensive and drinkable sooner than kits made with pure juice, but may not have the body & nuance that you can get from a premium level kit. The good news is that most varietals can be found across multiple levels of quality. For example, if you like Merlot – you can find it in ALL 7 brands that we carry, ranging from $145 to $240 per batch.