Making personalized wine for you’re wedding is easy and economical. We can help you choose the perfect wines for your guests, regardless of the size of you’re wedding. We always include free personalized labels and toppers to make your wine a memorable part of the wedding celebration.

Wine Packages

You can choose any wine from our vast selection of wines but with over 20 years experience of making wines for weddings, Jim and Liz can put together a wine package that would pair with your needs. The best thing is to talk to us, tell us your plans and together we can create a package that will exceed your expectations while stretching your wine dollar.

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Let us help you choose the best wine for your wedding, save LOTS of money, and enjoy some lovely wine.

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The Personal Touch

With every batch of wedding wine that customers make, we include FREE custom printed labels. This is our gift to you on you’re wedding day. See examples below in the Happy Customers area.

Happy Customers

Here are just a few of the great families that we have helped over the years. With over twenty-three years in business we have helped couples make many, many thousands of bottles of wine, with great success and celebration.


Couples are allowed to serve wine made at North Vines under a Special Event Permit (SEP) from the Provincial Government. What you first need to determine is where the event is going to be held. If the event is going to be held on Private Property, a parents house, an uncles farm etc. there are NO licensing needs. If the event is being held at a “public” facility (rented hall, hotel etc.) a SEP might need to be acquired from the Provincial Government. SEP’s can be obtained online. Some facilities would allow you to bring your wine in and use they’re existing licence or if the facility does NOT have an existing license, you would have to acquire a SEP. Cost for a SEP is $25 and you can obtain more information and details online at