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Making wine together is as enjoyable as drinking it together. A cellar full of wine is the icing on the cake of a good meal with great people. Often our family receives compliments – “where can I buy this wine?” or “what country is this wine from?”. Our guests are always pleased with the quality of wine served, the way it magnifies with the meal, and of course with the availability of another bottle. Wine at our home is always shared, which makes the experience of drinking it not only delectable and lovely, but tailor made – a congregating point in the middle of the table. Each experience preparing, as well as enjoying is noteworthy and unique. Returning to North Vines year after year is never a question of “if”, but always of “when, and how many kits.”

– The Caron Family

“Thank you so much for the best services ever. Always enjoyable making wine with you. Looking forward to many more batches!!!


It’s a warm inviting space to craft your wine.Elizabeth
Such a wonderful atmosphere, with a knowledgeable and fun staff! I never knew making alcohol would be so much fun!Jeremy
Different name, but same great staff and service. We have been loyal customers since 2003.Sherri

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North Vines is proud to support local initiatives. Please submit your sponsorship request in person or by email.